A message from the
school principal

Welcome to our safe, secure and educational environment.

Toronto Academy Plus is an institution where we work as a team for achieving excellence in education to all students attending the school. We pride ourselves in promoting the academic, social, and character development of our students by providing them with a challenging, varied and supportive learning environment. Our objective is to provide an understanding of each individual working with other-bound for the bright future with confidence to shape and enhance democratic values and respect for our diverse and multicultural society. We believe that each student brings unique abilities and talents to their studies. Interactive communication between the classroom teachers, the school and the families are integral components of our program.

According to Growing Success the guidebook of Ontario of Ministry of Education: “Education directly influences student’s life chances-and life outcomes”

- Farzaneh Sadaghianloo


Toronto Academy Plus Ltd. is a Ministry inspected private school by Ministry of Education, Ontario. Toronto Academy Plus Ltd. operates the QUAD SEMESTER SYSTEM 10 weeks with 110 hours in classroom with instructors.

We are offering high-school credit courses only for Grade 9-12 and/or Ontario Secondary School Diploma for Ontario students and all International Students around the world.

Online courses also are available with a different registration system.

High School Gr. 9-12
Ontario Students
International Students
Adult Students
Art Portfolio


Toronto Academy Plus directly follows the guidelines set out by the Ontario Ministry of Education (Growing Success Guideline).

Our focus has always been the success of our students. We are an inspected private school serving students accross Ontario.

  • 6 Semesters per year
  • 2.5 Months per semester (110 hours)
  • 10 weeks duration of each course
  • All subjects
  • Accepting local & international students
  • Accepting Grades 9-12 & adult students
  • Flexible schedules (We are aware that in the modern fast-paced world, students will require flexibility and understanding with regards to their daily schedule. We offer such care and do our best to accomodate the best learning opportunities for all)

Semester Schedule

Semester QUAD 1: Sept 1 - Nov 15

Semester QUAD 2: Nov 16 - Jan 31

Semester QUAD 3: Feb 1 - Apr 15

Semester QUAD 4: Apr 16 - Jun 31

Semester SUMMER 1: July

Semester SUMMER 2: August

Courses Offered


English 9

English 10

English 11

English 12

Writer’s craft

Ontario Literacy course

Social Science

Canadian and world issues

Families in Canada


Challenge and Change in Society


Principles of Mathematics 9

Principles of Mathematics 10


Advanced Functions

Calculus & Vectors

Mathematics of Data Management


Science 9

Science 10

Biology 11

Biology 12

Chemistry 11

Chemistry 12

Physics 11

Physics 12

English as a second Language:

ESL Level 1

ESL Level 2

ESL Level 3

ESL Level 4

ESL Level 5

Third Language:

Farsi   9

Farsi  10

Farsi  11

Farsi  12


Please enquire regarding other courses not on this list and other levels (such as applied or College).

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